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Alex Jones is too funny, live on the BBC- Bilderberg June 10, 2013

Listen to ole’ Jonesy go! the funniest thing about this interview is how he constantly does the under the breath infowars.com plug! This interview was close to uncomfortable and I think it’s great how riled up Jones gets. I am also amazed at how cold the press is to any conspiracy… they act like if you think Bilderberg exists you also must think that Bigfoot is out there with nessy! Occasional conspiracies can become truth, Iran Contra and the like.


Hey Republican Bloggers, WAKE UP! Lindsey Graham wants to rape you! June 6, 2013

So here is the latest from republican Lindsey “Who needs a constitution” Graham, he stated

“Who is a journalist is a question we need to ask ourselves,” he said. “Is any blogger out there saying anything—do they deserve First Amendment protection? These are the issues of our times.”

So basically he thinks that only regulated media should be allowed to write articles, apparently bloggers are not reporters nor should we have any rights to say what we believe! This is an absolute joke and a scary prospect. Now I am not supporting Democrats either, I think the new Verizon scandal where they had to turn over all phone records foreign and domestic to the government is f’ed up. However now this jerkoff is saying I can’t write my blogs anymore, at least not without some censorship… Who the hell is he, an elected official a person that was put into power by the people to serve the people, and now he wants total control over the people. Everyone is waking up and noticing that CNN, FOX, MSNBC, BBC are all corporate jokes that tell you what the government wants you to know. In fact the four major White House scandals that are going right now, not one of them were broke by any of these mainstream media sites! And honestly what the hell is the  New York Times, or CNN Or FOX other than a corporate ran blog! These men need to be shut down ASAP, destroy the Republicans, Destroy the Democrats, we need a real change not just flipping to the other side of a totally worthless coin. WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!!

Here is the clown that wants to rape your right to write!



Unemployment #’s are a joke, so are the Stock Market #’s May 16, 2013

Just two quick things here, the press is saying the “economy” is recovering and they base this off two numbers, first they say unemployment is down. Well that is total BS and here is why, I have no job, yet I have run out of unemployment benefits, so as far as our government is concerned I am no longer unemployed! That is some Ass Backwards thinking in my opinion. Did you know that one out of four children in America have no idea where their next meal is coming from? More than 16 million children in the United States, (that’s 1 in 5 kids), live in households that struggle to put food on the table.  Around 22% of kids under 18, in America, live in poverty.  Right now, about 9.8 million children receive free or reduced price lunches, at school.  10.6 million more are eligible, but go without.  When school lets out for the summer, those children will lose access to the school breakfasts, lunches and after-school snacks they receive during the regular school year. That does not sound like we are in recovery to me! Next they tell us that the Stock Market is at an all time high, well good for the ten percent of Americans that actually own stock, what about the other ninety percent of us that have no stock whatsoever?! It is just more of the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Do not be deceived by these BS numbers that the mainstream media show you, like any statistics they are easily manipulated to show you that you will be “ok”, when really all they are doing are buying themselves more time to line their pockets. The government is not your friend, they should be your employee, not your master! We need new leadership, we need to destroy the two-party system, we need real change, Republicans/Democrats bend over to the Corporations and Banks and they will continue to do so as long as you just keep up what you’re doing and that is nothing, But hey, I hear there is a new season of Dancing with the Stars starting soon, and Kardashians ass is at an all time big, so you just worry about that folks! CMON PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!


Listen to Shady Ass George Bush talk about Boston May 8, 2013


What the hell, he is so careful and still gaffs! WTF are we suppose to think now, he almost said that 911 was a consipracy on national news! How come this interview isn’t being spread more!? LOL and even if there was nothiung to either he still looks like a goon!


One more reason to hate Fox News April 25, 2013

I cannot stand any of the major “news” outlets in America, they are all corporations, with a bottom line to make money, they have become sitcoms, groping for ratings! They aim to entertain more than they aim to get you real news, this is a shame because over 90% of Americans look to only 3 sources for their news, which means roughly 30% of Americans turn to Fox news for this type of rubbish, good luck sheeple because according to Fox, we don’t need no stinkin Constitution!


Something shady in Boston April 18, 2013

I am not trying to be insensitive, I am just curious, whats your opinion? and please share this because people need to see it! Here are two guys at the Race before the bomb went off:


Then there is this guy at the finish line in the same military style clothing:


And here is known Navy Seal Chris Kyle, in the same hat as the dude from pic 1!


Whats going on here folks?


The Sandy Hook sham! A terrible lie to push legislation?! April 5, 2013

OK, so again , I am not a conspiracy theorist, not even close, I don’t believe in bigfoot nor UFO’s, but that’s because in order to believe something, I must have proof! What we have seen from Sandy Hook is a total lack of any evidence… Wool over the eyes folks. First off, look at pictures from real school shootings, Columbine for example, there is video footage, pictures of people running for there lives, blood, the killers inside! What do we have from Sandy Hook… This one freaking picture:


I’m sorry but that is not evidence of anything! We are supposed to believe this is proof that Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people!

Next look at the statistics, in every major shooting in history, usually more survive their wounds than die, or at least a percentage survive, Adam Lanza had a 100% kill rate, that’s unheard of, even in military operations. Also the official story tells us that Lanza fired over 150 rounds, yet the few kids interviewed after the shooting say they heard something like the Janitor knocking things over, one said it sounded like a door was slammed, does a door slamming sound anything like 150 rounds from a high-powered rifle?

Then take a look at all the conflicting reports from the media, first we were told he had two handguns were found by his side, then we were told that his mom worked at the school. Next they said Lanza had an argument at the school the day prior with people at the school. Then they said none of this was true, ok I understand that during times of major crisis people can make false reports, but these were the major news agencies! FOX, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, so who the hell told them, they must have sources, yet they cite none… WTF

Another interesting fact is that sites were built for the web as early as December 10th for memorials to the victims! Do some research, and you will see it, donation sites were built four days prior to the shooting!

Adam Lanza was supposed to be a computer genius and internet wizard right? Well why in the world does the kid not have any internet footprint… No facebook, no myspace, no xbox live gamer tag, he was supposed to play these games non stop, but yet didn’t have an xbox live account?

Now check this out, here is a girl killed in the shooting Allison Wyatt:


But a little later this girls mom came forth, not from CT, and said, that’s my little girl! She was not only not in the class, she is alive and well! Google her name you find this out! Then they replace her photo with this girl and said, oh sorry, now here she is ummmmm yeah….


AGAIN WTF… how can this mistake be made?

Ok so we look at the day of the “Murders”… what happened to the guys running through the forest behind the school, remember them? There is helicopter footage showing men running through the woods, one being arrested. People on the scene said they saw this happen, yet we have heard nothing at all about this ever! Why not? this is crucial to the story people, we need to hear from these people!

Why is there not one picture of Adam Lanza at the crime seen or even at the supposed gun stores where he reportedly was denied in the months prior… Yeah they are gun stores, they would have footage and background check paperwork! Yet none of this has been released, why not, we got all this evidence for Columbine!

Then there was the supposed women who was injured and treated at the hospital, wound to the foot, or arm and ear depending on what report you read, yet we have heard nothing from her.. why not?

Next look at the fire house circle jerk as I like to call it now. At the firehouse where everyone was evacuated to, why in the world does everyone just walk in circles, out one door and in another, it’s a trick used by film makers to simulate a large crowd! check it out here:


At finally why before the kids were even in the ground, of which I don’t think anyone went into the ground as we are yet to see one body, why was gun control being spewed at us from every direction?? Sick, just sick! and shame on you America for not asking more questions, just biting hook line and sinker into what the major media tells you! Like I said, don’t take my word for any of this, research yourself.. the truth is out there!

for a full report, watch this!


And don’t attack me as insensitive, or crazy… if you buy the official story without any evidence then you are the fool and if you have any proof to disprove what I have stated, or show me some evidence, I would love to see it, I really do want to know what happened!