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Conspiracy Theory breakdown – Silly nutters! April 22, 2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best, “If an argument lasts longer than 5 minutes, your both wrong” and it is so true. Conspiracy theorists are nothing more than people with an idea and insufficient data to back them up. I like conspiracy theories, not because I believe in them, but they are entertainment for me. Like watching a fiction movie, its interesting to see what some people can make up in their own minds. I find it funny that every conspiracy, from UFO’s, to the JFK assassination, to 9-11, to the Boston Bombing last week, “theorists” are all over these putting forth their ideas, yet nobody can prove anything, you know how I know they cannot prove any of these ideas, because if they could, they would have evidence, and it would be the accepted fact in society. I like how Theorists are always so confident in their ideas, they always say “open your eyes” without having one shred of actual evidence. Some things are just so astonishing that these people just cannot believe that they occur.

Whats even more confounding is once proof is given to disprove a conspiracy, such as mythbusters on the moon hoax, or the numerous debunking exercises done on UFO’s and the JFK assassination, these people still ignore the science, they run with their “theories” that have no solid backing. Boston last week is a great example, yes there were men in matching outfits, with earpieces in, you think it’s the first time that a large event such as the Boston Marathon had private security firms hired to add protection?

False Flags are a great idea that most conspiracy nuts always turn to, in fact they are the top reason used to explain every attack on our country in history according to conspirasists. The problem is this; never has any false flag been proved true in American History! Not even the Reichstag fire was proven to be a false flag. Now I am not saying that governments and others haven’t used major events to turn the majority to their side to execute their agenda, that happens for sure, but to say that the Government does these things only to further agendas, and having absolutely no proof of it is just hilarious!

UFO crash landing is the most absurd theory out there, your telling me that these creatures that mastered intergalatic travel and traversed billions of light years to reach Earth, crashed as soon as they got here? Think about that folk… you think that really happened? PLEASE!

The bottom line is this: come back when you have proof, not a theory, not a secondhand account, but proof!


Fake moon landing, Kubrick, and my ideas! April 3, 2013


I am not a conspiracy guy, I think Oswald acted alone and I believe that terrorists were behind 9-11 ect… But I have been doing research on the moon landing mainly because I am a huge Stanley Kubrick fan and I love analysis of his work, no matter how absurd they may be. I watched a documentary recently in which more than one person claimed that Kubrick was involved in the filming of the fake landing, now here is my thought.  I believe that the Mythbusters have shot down all the stuff about the photos being faked, and also proved that they are real and all that. My one question, and I am hoping to get answers here so please respond if you can. My one big question about the moon landing comes from looking at NASA stats themselves, according to astronauts it takes approximately two days to get to the International Space Station, this includes time to get into the proper orbit and line up and attach. The ISS is located between 200 and 300 miles above the Earths surface… OK with that in mind how in the world did it only take three days back in the summer of 1969 for a similar shuttle to travel the 238,857 miles that is the distance to the moon? That doesn’t make sense to me, so if you can explain… PLEASE DO!