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Conspiracy Theory breakdown – Silly nutters! April 22, 2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best, “If an argument lasts longer than 5 minutes, your both wrong” and it is so true. Conspiracy theorists are nothing more than people with an idea and insufficient data to back them up. I like conspiracy theories, not because I believe in them, but they are entertainment for me. Like watching a fiction movie, its interesting to see what some people can make up in their own minds. I find it funny that every conspiracy, from UFO’s, to the JFK assassination, to 9-11, to the Boston Bombing last week, “theorists” are all over these putting forth their ideas, yet nobody can prove anything, you know how I know they cannot prove any of these ideas, because if they could, they would have evidence, and it would be the accepted fact in society. I like how Theorists are always so confident in their ideas, they always say “open your eyes” without having one shred of actual evidence. Some things are just so astonishing that these people just cannot believe that they occur.

Whats even more confounding is once proof is given to disprove a conspiracy, such as mythbusters on the moon hoax, or the numerous debunking exercises done on UFO’s and the JFK assassination, these people still ignore the science, they run with their “theories” that have no solid backing. Boston last week is a great example, yes there were men in matching outfits, with earpieces in, you think it’s the first time that a large event such as the Boston Marathon had private security firms hired to add protection?

False Flags are a great idea that most conspiracy nuts always turn to, in fact they are the top reason used to explain every attack on our country in history according to conspirasists. The problem is this; never has any false flag been proved true in American History! Not even the Reichstag fire was proven to be a false flag. Now I am not saying that governments and others haven’t used major events to turn the majority to their side to execute their agenda, that happens for sure, but to say that the Government does these things only to further agendas, and having absolutely no proof of it is just hilarious!

UFO crash landing is the most absurd theory out there, your telling me that these creatures that mastered intergalatic travel and traversed billions of light years to reach Earth, crashed as soon as they got here? Think about that folk… you think that really happened? PLEASE!

The bottom line is this: come back when you have proof, not a theory, not a secondhand account, but proof!


Why Religion scares the hell out of me!

Here is the basic Idea, in 1000 CE Baghdad was the center of education and learning, all religions would get together, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Atheist would all gather and discuss Ideas. They would push each others ideas higher and higher and thus it became the scientific center of the world. Algebra was born, algorithms, Arabic Numbers that we still use today were born in this era and area. In fact two thirds of all stars in the night sky are named in Arabic! The islamic culture headed this enlightenment era. Then in the 1100’s a man named Hamid al-Ghazali, a muslim cleric, that codified the Islamic religion. He believed that using math was actually the work of the Devil, and Islam has never been the same since!

al-ghazaliHamid al-Ghazali

The 1.3 billion Muslims in the world can no longer use math, this idea is lost to them! Just for an example to prove my point, 25% of the Noble prizes for science have gone to the jews, you know how many Muslims have won these prizes? .3% for a total of 2, and only one of those was from the middle east! Imagine what could have been in our world had the Muslims not forfeited science for their god!

Now here is what really scares me, this is happening right now in America! The religious folks are doing everything in their power to infiltrate our schools and prohibit true science from being taught. When was the last time you saw scientist standing outside of a Church protesting god? Freedom of religion is an important thing, do not get me wrong, I firmly believe that you have the right to worship whatever Deity you want. However when you infringe upon myself, or my family in their rights to a scientific education, using facts, and not intelligent design to prove how the world works then we will have a problem.

Lets not move from fact people, lets not base our modern world on 2000 year old books that were written on second-hand accounts and altered throughout time to meet certain people’s agenda.

Just to shoot down Intelligent design, what about all the stupid designs? Childhood disease, tsunamis, earthquakes, what about our reproductive system… our sewers and our pleasure centers in the same organ?! And then there are people who believe Noah’s Ark story, and they believe that dinosaurs were on the boat! Or they argue that dinosaurs are planted in the earth by scientist in some large conspiracy to disprove god… Ummm, I don’t even try to respond to these people because there is no hope of any positive conversation.

Look at these American Statistics, among Americans that believe in god:

the average joe American – 85% to 90%

College Educated Americans – 60%

Scientists – 40%

Elite Scientist (physicists and the like)- 7%

What do these stats tell you? That scientists are going to hell? They tell me that the more you know, the more you understand about our world, the more you understand data, the more you know about physics, the more you understand about our physical world, the less you need to rely upon a deity for fulfilment.


Neil deGrasse Tyson put it best (as he usually does), in a letter to the New York Times in regard to the Church and State separation debate:

“People cited violation of the First Amendment when a New Jersey schoolteacher asserted that evolution and the Big Bang are not scientific and that Noah’s ark carried dinosaurs. This case is not about the need to separate church and state; it’s about the need to separate ignorant, scientifically illiterate people from the ranks of teachers”



Craps, top 5 do’s and don’t at the most exciting game in the house April 5, 2013

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I am a dealer and Craps is by far the most exciting game in any casino, and no game offers the swings that craps can offer, In this article I will give you my top five must do’s as well as my top 5 do not do’s at any craps table in the world. Here we go

Do not:

#5 Do not try to beat the dice

The dice have eyes and ears, I swear to god they do, do not try to call a roll, do not think to yourself well they have rolled four 7’s in a roll, I’m playing the dark side (don’t pass), the dice will always win!

#4 Do not piss off the dealers

They will curse you, they will destroy you, make your bets clear, do not overwork a dealer. Make them happy and you and the dice will be happy, I promise!

#3 Dont buck the table

If everyone is betting on the passline and you jump in and play the don’t pass, you will have ill wishers and nobody will like you, this is a bad omen and you will lose. You may win a roll or two, but bucking the table will come back and haunt you! Play with the crowd, it’s a hell of a lot more fun and you will make money along with everyone else, this is a good thing and makes for a great time!

#2 Do not take forever to set your dice

I set my dice, always will, but I am looking at the dice as they are being pushed to me so I know what rotations need tobe made to set them the way I want them, I hate nothing more as a player or as a dealer than someone who takes three minutes twirling the dice to get them set in the right position only to reposition them then throw. Keep the game moving, slow dice = cold dice!

#1 No center action and avoid the field!

this is the biggest mistake people make, sure the payoffs look good, but that’s why they are there. The house calls them sucker bets for a reason, center action has the worst payouts for the hardest hits in the house. I always see a few people playing the center and they look all cocky when they get paid a large lump sum, but how much did they invest to hit that hop hard ten! Suckers one and all, the house loves these fools! And the field is just a dumbass bet, 44 percent of the time it works every time, for even money you can keep that shit!


#5 Inform yourself to table rules

Place your bets, don’t buy and always ask if the house allows puts, putting a bet is by far the best option for putting money on a number, if they do, do it! It is the same as your passline with odds, the house will never tell you they allow this so only savvy betters know to ask!

#4 Bet the inside

By placing or better yet putting the inside numbers 5,6,8,9 you give yourself a 1 in 2 chance to be paid on every roll! there are 5 ways to roll a 6 or an 8, and 4 ways to roll a 5 or a nine with 36 possible outcomes you give yourself a 50 50 chance to get paid on every toss of the dice and a 1 in 6 chance to lose it all, sound betting is the name of the game!

#3 The Iron cross works

Few know of the Iron Cross, but its an effective way to get paid on every roll but 7, here is how you do it. Place, or better yet “put” bets on 5,6,8 then place a bet in the field for half the amount that you placed/put bets for, I know I said never play the field but there is strategy to everything. Now you will get paid on 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12! use this when the shooter is hot to clean up!

#2 Place your odds!

Odds are taken by placing an amount behind your passline bet, the amount your allowed varies depending on casino’s some allow 3,4,5 times which is typical, but I have dealt in casino’s in Colorado that allow 100 times odds, so for 1$ up front you can take $100 behind, this is the only 50/50 bet any casino has! DO IT!!!

#1 Tip your dealers

Dealers make money by players tipping them, if you give your dealer a tip early and often just like any tip industry the service will go through the roof! If you do not tip, well your doomed, the dealers will curse you, the box man will do whatever he can to make you lose, including switching dice on you, and you will be no bet till the night ends…. I promise tipping will improve your experience ten fold!

One more thing… Leave superstition at the door, all it ever did was cost people money and always remember- the less you bet, the more you lose when you win! Think about it!