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Awesome Chicken/Pork Oriental Wraps – Easy, Amazing, and low fat! May 31, 2013


So tonight I decided to make wraps and they turned out so dang good I have to share the recipe, they are easy enough and will impress! I promise you won’t be disappointed.


1 large chicken breast

1 boneless pork chop

soy sauce

olive oil

Hoisin Sauce

1 onion

4 cloves of garlic

1 small can water chestnuts

small chunk of ginger root

2 carrots

1 avocado

1 small package dried and sliced shiitake mushrooms

1 package spicy potato noodles

1 bunch of nice wrap lettuce

Tear lettuce from stock making nice wrap size pieces, wash and set aside to dry

Place a small amount of olive oil into a wok style pan and heat, add diced onion and let them sweat a few minutes.

Add cubed chicken, pork, garlic – finely chopped and grated ginger root, cook for 7 minutes or so until meat is cooked

Add soy sauce (a drizzle, not too much) and Hoisin sauce I used about half of a 210 ml bottle, mix well and bring to heat

Add Mushrooms, they will soak up most of the sauce and give a beautiful consistency, i used 20 grams, mix well

Add drained water chestnuts and mix well, bring to heat and your done!

Serve with grated carrot, spicy potato noodles and diced avocado as toppings



Truly a sad state the American public has fallen too May 30, 2013

Watch this video, this is the American public, this is the future (if you can call it that) of our Country. This makes me sick that Americans are so stupid, kids these days are pathetic. WAKE UP FOLKS!!! or it will be to late to save this country!


So my two cents on this “Terror” in the UK and terrorism May 26, 2013

I understand that this sucks, these two guys run over a British soldier, hack him up and then have locals film their confession so it can be aired on TV. It is a terrible thing and I do not condone that action whatsoever. On the other hand I have to believe that it is what most historians 500 years from now will view as a retaliation! Here is my line of thinking, when one group of individuals constantly attacks another group, in this case its the Western world attacking the middle east, and it has been going on for a lot longer than this silly “war” on terror, then the other side will attack back at some point. Whats the difference between this attack or even the World Trade Center attack on 9-11 and a drone strike that destroys a school full of children? Yet we call it terror when we are attacked and we call it a tactical strike when we destroy a building with 30 innocent people and 1 “terror target”. Get used to it people, it is not terrorism, it is retaliation and we brought everything upon ourselves by letting our elected officials get away with murder for so long. Look at the two pictures below and tell me which one looks more like terror? To me I say the drone unleashing missiles is a hell of a lot scarier, so before you go cry terror, look at it from outside your own little comfort zone.


droneor Terrorist?


GMO’s explained so even a first grader can understand May 18, 2013

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So with all the buzz about GMO’s and how they are bad many folks miss the message because they do not understand what the problem is. Here is a great video that every person in the world should watch, this is a great tool to show people just how bad a lot of the food out there is. Also this explains how and why it is allowed via Government legislation, just more proof that your government officials care more about their future than about the people they represent. You can do one simple thing to protest this, DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS THAT ARE GMO!!


Fantasy Football Draft Strategy- Early Impressions


After doing multiple mock drafts I have made a few observations, while it is too early to tell which Rookies will arise and wether or not Gronk and Bobby Thee Sticks (RG3) will be healthy enough to make it into the top rounds, I have a few things to keep in mind as you begin to think about draft day.

1- QB is very deep

Consider that most leagues only start 1 QB, last year there was a huge run on the top guys early, Rodgers and Brees left most boards in the first round, some even took Brady. This was due mostly to the fact that there was a great unknown quantity of RB’s. This year should be very different, there are some really good RB options. I will be looking to stockpile the good Runners as they are drying up around the 4th round. I have been playing around the mocks and the teams I like the most are formed when I use my first three picks at RB.

2- Wide Reciever is deep but I want a top guy

I try to fill the flex spot with a RB so I want two wide receivers, and I prefer one stud. If you follow the above strategy and take 3 RB’s early there is still room for one top WR. I won’t end up with Megatron this year, but Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, AJ Green and even Demaryius Thomas are all viable options that could be there in round three, then I like to look for another WR before going QB, Round 5 is a great spot to get a Marques Colston, Roddy White ect…

3- I don’t mind a second round TE

A lot of this idea hinges on wether or not Gronk is Healthy, but I do not mind spending my second pic especially if I have a late 2nd round pick, meaning I have AP, Foster, or Lynch to anchor my RB’s. However there are only two TE’s worthy of this, and those are Gronk and Graham. If I do not get one of those guys I will be one of the last people in my league to go TE.

Thanks for reading and I will be sharing more of observations as we get closer to the season… GOOD LUCK!


Fantasy Football, mock drafts are live! May 16, 2013

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Just to let all of you fantasy football fans out there know, ESPN now has there mock draft lobbies open for business! Perpare early so you can dominate later… I will begin posting my top 5 for each position soon so stay tuned!


Unemployment #’s are a joke, so are the Stock Market #’s

Just two quick things here, the press is saying the “economy” is recovering and they base this off two numbers, first they say unemployment is down. Well that is total BS and here is why, I have no job, yet I have run out of unemployment benefits, so as far as our government is concerned I am no longer unemployed! That is some Ass Backwards thinking in my opinion. Did you know that one out of four children in America have no idea where their next meal is coming from? More than 16 million children in the United States, (that’s 1 in 5 kids), live in households that struggle to put food on the table.  Around 22% of kids under 18, in America, live in poverty.  Right now, about 9.8 million children receive free or reduced price lunches, at school.  10.6 million more are eligible, but go without.  When school lets out for the summer, those children will lose access to the school breakfasts, lunches and after-school snacks they receive during the regular school year. That does not sound like we are in recovery to me! Next they tell us that the Stock Market is at an all time high, well good for the ten percent of Americans that actually own stock, what about the other ninety percent of us that have no stock whatsoever?! It is just more of the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Do not be deceived by these BS numbers that the mainstream media show you, like any statistics they are easily manipulated to show you that you will be “ok”, when really all they are doing are buying themselves more time to line their pockets. The government is not your friend, they should be your employee, not your master! We need new leadership, we need to destroy the two-party system, we need real change, Republicans/Democrats bend over to the Corporations and Banks and they will continue to do so as long as you just keep up what you’re doing and that is nothing, But hey, I hear there is a new season of Dancing with the Stars starting soon, and Kardashians ass is at an all time big, so you just worry about that folks! CMON PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!


Top 5 Actors/Actress that I can’t wait to see what they do next! May 15, 2013

Todays list is not the top 5 hottest kids out there, nor is it who I think will set the world on fire, this list is the top 5 actors and actress’s that have impressed me recently that I want to see more of. these are the top 5 that I think have bright futures ahead of them and will go out of my way to see their projects. enjoy:

#5 Jessica Mauboy-


She hasn’t done too much, Yet… Skip her first film, Bran Nue Day was hoooooorible, but after watching The Sapphires I was absolutely all in on Jessica Mauboy. She is an Australian born singer/actress and she has talent. She starred in the great Australian series Underbelly but her big movie was The Sapphires about a group of Aboriginal women who travel to Vietnam during the 60’s to sing for the American Troops. I am not the biggest fan of music based movies but this one was great, from start to finish. I really hope that Hollywood picks up Mauboy and gives her some big roles in the near future, she deserves it!

#4 Michael Fassbender-


Comic book fans will recognize Fassbender from his portrayal of Magneto in the new X-men First Class film, however I think he really impressed in Inglorious Basterds and Eden Lake! Fassbender who is German born has a lot of projects in the works right now and he has the talent to back it up. I am glad that he still finds time however to do the small projects such as Eden Lake, for those who have not seen this little  English Horror Gem I recommend you go out and find it ASAP, it is everything I want in horror, great story, believable villains, tension, and yet it has an awesome 80’s horror campy feel to it. I am super excited that Fassbender has teamed up with now director Steve McQueen in the upcoming film 12 Years a Slave, more Fassbender please!!

#3 Christoph Waltz-


Another actor who was catapulted to the main stage by Quentin Tarentino, Christoph Waltz is a great actor. He has done many German films and projects and then made his big Hollywood Debut in Inglorious Basterds and really stole the show in Django Unchained. Christoph Waltz is superb in both roles. He has this innocent air about him even though he portrays sinister characters. He is versatile and I can see him as lead roles and lead antagonists! Django Unchained is a testament to Waltz’s talent, most people entered that film on the draw that DiCaprio was in a Tarentino movie, and they left the theater wondering who was that Dr Shultz guy?!

#2 Emma Watson-


I have not seen even one Harry Potter film so Emma Watson is a new Actress in my eyes, and boy is she good! Perks of Being a Wallflower is a fantastic coming of age film that deals with some hard-hitting issues and she was absolutely superb! She is an adult now and I say her career is just beginning, unlike many child actors who hit 16-18 and fall off the face of the earth she has potential to be one of the biggest stars out there. I know it is hard for fans of the Harry Potter series to look past her role in those film, but for a person like me who never  her act before I was surprised at how good she is in both the Wallflower film and My Week With Marylin, two surprisingly good films of the past few years. She can carry a lead role and support a story with the best of them, I hope all the best for Emma and hope to see her in many more films soon.

#1 Michael Shannon-


My new favorite actor, Michael Shannon is sooooooo GOOD! My first adventure with Michael Shannon was in the forgotten gem that was Bug, and though he has been in Hollywood for over ten years now I think that he is going to soon be a household name. As prohibition officer Nelson in Boardwalk Empire he steals the show, and I anxiously await each of his scenes, he is that good. His next big role will be that of Zod in the new Superman film and I cannot wait to see Shannon in that role. I also hold high hopes for his new portrayal of the Iceman, Richard Kulklinsky as a mob hitman, I remember watching The Iceman Tapes back in the late 90’s and thinking that this would make a great Feature Film and now here it is with my new favorite actor! Kneel before ZOD!!



Guns and abortions are a mere distraction and you have taken the bait!


Like any clever magician the Federal Government has you all distracted, you’re so worried about gun rights and abortions that you all fail to see the bigger picture. The Federal Reserve, a private run company is bankrupting the United States, and meanwhile you all toil away your time worrying if they are going to pass a bill to take away your guns?! Open your eyes people your dollar had declined in value so much over the past ten years that most of you cannot even vacation overseas anymore because the exchange rate would kill you! Five years ago you could go to Australia and for every 60 cents you had you would get an Aussie Dollar, now it cost you $1.05 to get an Aussie dollar, that is what you need to be concerned about! The government wants you to focus on non issues like the second amendment and abortion laws, you think they really give a damn wether or not you have an abortion or own a gun? As long as you pay half your check to them they do not, I promise. People need to focus on the real issues at hand:

First Wars all over the world since the 1940’s? – Do we really need to be at constant war?


Second The federal reserve prints money daily and devalues everything you own by the minute!


Third Republicans = Democrats and until you figure out that they are just opposite sides of an equally worthless coin you are F’ed in the A.


Fourth the Government will not save you, you are supposed to be in control of them, they work for you, you are not supposed to be a slave to them and until more than a few stand up and realize this there will never be change.


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