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Bug Review- Today we examine the underrated 2006 psychological thriller Bug starring Michael Shannon March 17, 2018

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Today Josh steps away from the crypto world and looks at one disturbing film, Bug! Michael Shannon is fantastic here as is Ashley Judd. We give some theories on what exactly is going on and just have some fun in this limited storytelling movie that flew under many peoples radar



Veronica Review – is this film really the scariest movie ever made? Lets break it down! March 12, 2018

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Today Josh steps away from the crypto world and looks at one of the most hyped movies out at the moment, the Spanish horror movie Veronica. This tale of possession is being toted as the scariest mover ever made and hard to finish due to its scare factor… lets take a closer look and find out just how scary it actually is… SPOILER WARNING!


Kickstarter Young Guns Soundtrack, awesome nostalgia!! October 20, 2017

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Today I was listening to my Vinyl Young Guns Original Motion Picture soundtrack from Rusted Wave, not that Bon Jovi second movie album and I resized I need to share this awesomeness with the entire world, so I did just that and made a youtube video reviewing this top notch Kickstarter item. Please watch the video and let mw know what you think of the epic film that is Young Guns!



Check out my Independent Horror Film! The 8th Street Butcher! September 19, 2017

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I made this film ten years ago for a contest and it holds a very special place in my heart as it was only the second film I had made. Since production we have lost two of the three actors and I am truly saddened, as one was my Grandma and one was my best friend. Anyhow it was a blast make and I hope you enjoy it! Please give it a thumbs up!



Who likes Robocop?! (1987) August 12, 2016

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You have seen the movie, you witnessed first hand the horrific murder of Alex Murphy at the tyrannical hand of Clarence Boddicker, You saw for yourself the resurrection and redemption of Murphy through Robocop.


Now Keyhole to the Multiverse wants to show you a whole new side to the movie you love, join Josh for the latest show as he peers into the keyhole into the universe of Robocop, he discusses guns, hero’s and villains strengths and weaknesses and much much more. Visit our website keyholetothemultiverse.com.

and yes there is a whole lot of Clarence Boddicker Talk!!!!



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Keyhole to the Multiverse August 9, 2016

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new podcast up and running! The show is called Keyhole to the Multiverse and each week we peer through a keyhole into a universe you may have not even known existed. We explore all facets of fiction and look at how each universe was formed and the inhabitants of these worlds. We will be doing horror film breakdowns, comic book exploration and delving into any universe we feel is worthy of exploration.

We begin with quite a massive universe to explore Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings but on board in New Zealand’s own Cameron Child, born and raised on the south island, he joins us in studio for some in depth super nerd LOTR discussion! The first two podcasts are available on iTunes, Podbean or our website Keyhole to the Multiverse. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!


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Top 5 Actors/Actress that I can’t wait to see what they do next! May 15, 2013

Todays list is not the top 5 hottest kids out there, nor is it who I think will set the world on fire, this list is the top 5 actors and actress’s that have impressed me recently that I want to see more of. these are the top 5 that I think have bright futures ahead of them and will go out of my way to see their projects. enjoy:

#5 Jessica Mauboy-


She hasn’t done too much, Yet… Skip her first film, Bran Nue Day was hoooooorible, but after watching The Sapphires I was absolutely all in on Jessica Mauboy. She is an Australian born singer/actress and she has talent. She starred in the great Australian series Underbelly but her big movie was The Sapphires about a group of Aboriginal women who travel to Vietnam during the 60’s to sing for the American Troops. I am not the biggest fan of music based movies but this one was great, from start to finish. I really hope that Hollywood picks up Mauboy and gives her some big roles in the near future, she deserves it!

#4 Michael Fassbender-


Comic book fans will recognize Fassbender from his portrayal of Magneto in the new X-men First Class film, however I think he really impressed in Inglorious Basterds and Eden Lake! Fassbender who is German born has a lot of projects in the works right now and he has the talent to back it up. I am glad that he still finds time however to do the small projects such as Eden Lake, for those who have not seen this little  English Horror Gem I recommend you go out and find it ASAP, it is everything I want in horror, great story, believable villains, tension, and yet it has an awesome 80’s horror campy feel to it. I am super excited that Fassbender has teamed up with now director Steve McQueen in the upcoming film 12 Years a Slave, more Fassbender please!!

#3 Christoph Waltz-


Another actor who was catapulted to the main stage by Quentin Tarentino, Christoph Waltz is a great actor. He has done many German films and projects and then made his big Hollywood Debut in Inglorious Basterds and really stole the show in Django Unchained. Christoph Waltz is superb in both roles. He has this innocent air about him even though he portrays sinister characters. He is versatile and I can see him as lead roles and lead antagonists! Django Unchained is a testament to Waltz’s talent, most people entered that film on the draw that DiCaprio was in a Tarentino movie, and they left the theater wondering who was that Dr Shultz guy?!

#2 Emma Watson-


I have not seen even one Harry Potter film so Emma Watson is a new Actress in my eyes, and boy is she good! Perks of Being a Wallflower is a fantastic coming of age film that deals with some hard-hitting issues and she was absolutely superb! She is an adult now and I say her career is just beginning, unlike many child actors who hit 16-18 and fall off the face of the earth she has potential to be one of the biggest stars out there. I know it is hard for fans of the Harry Potter series to look past her role in those film, but for a person like me who never  her act before I was surprised at how good she is in both the Wallflower film and My Week With Marylin, two surprisingly good films of the past few years. She can carry a lead role and support a story with the best of them, I hope all the best for Emma and hope to see her in many more films soon.

#1 Michael Shannon-


My new favorite actor, Michael Shannon is sooooooo GOOD! My first adventure with Michael Shannon was in the forgotten gem that was Bug, and though he has been in Hollywood for over ten years now I think that he is going to soon be a household name. As prohibition officer Nelson in Boardwalk Empire he steals the show, and I anxiously await each of his scenes, he is that good. His next big role will be that of Zod in the new Superman film and I cannot wait to see Shannon in that role. I also hold high hopes for his new portrayal of the Iceman, Richard Kulklinsky as a mob hitman, I remember watching The Iceman Tapes back in the late 90’s and thinking that this would make a great Feature Film and now here it is with my new favorite actor! Kneel before ZOD!!