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The 80’s, Bad idea for a wrestling promotion… Music Videos! December 7, 2013

So in the late 80’s Vince McMahon wanted to¬†expand his empire, naturally he looked into pop culture, trying to capitalize on the youth of the day he decided that what the youngsters wanted was music, So he came up with this video, and he debuted it on Saturday Nights Main Event and explained that this video could be seen exclusivly on MTV! Needless to say this idea flopped but Vince was undeterred as it wasnt long after this the WWF released its Piledriver video sung by Koko B Ware. Proof that Vince didn’t have a true Midas touch, a few things he touched literally became turds in his hands! and since I do top 5 lists here are the top five things in this video that make me laugh…

#5- Paul Orndorf constant kissing of his own biceps

#4- The Hammer cannot sing

#3- Vince really wishes he was one of the boys

#2- George Steele looking more lost than that dude in Slingblade

#1- Shieky Baby