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Listen to Shady Ass George Bush talk about Boston May 8, 2013


What the hell, he is so careful and still gaffs! WTF are we suppose to think now, he almost said that 911 was a consipracy on national news! How come this interview isn’t being spread more!? LOL and even if there was nothiung to either he still looks like a goon!


More Proof that Christians are just ill informed and are hurting progress

George Bush put a ban on stem cell research to appease his Christian constituency. Most God lovin folk think that fetus’s are harvested so that scientist can cut stem cells from their organs in order to further their agenda, or some bullshit like that. Then Obama took the ban off of stem cell research and miracles began to happen, I’m talking human miracles, not some BS bible miracle where some dude lives in a whales belly for days on end, no A Doctor was able to give a little girl her life by using stem cells from her own body to create a new windpipe for her! Here is part of the Article:

Surgeons at Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria have successfully implanted an artificial windpipe created by stem cells in a laboratory to save a child, reported The Boston Globe on May 1. Hannah Warren made history as the first child in the world to receive a lab-made windpipe created by harvested stem cells from her own body.

The two-year-old toddler from South Korea was born without a windpipe and has not been able to breathe, swallow, or consume food since birth; her surgeons now expect her to lead a normal life.

Thank Science, not thank god!