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Josh and Dave do some pickin’ in Colorado Pickers! March 11, 2018

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Join Josh and Dave as they venture into an abandoned recording studio full of treasures! What will the guys uncover? Pinball machines, Train Sets and a whole truckload od lost goodies!!!


Colorado Pickin – Join Dave and Josh as they scour an abandoned warehouse for treasure! September 17, 2017

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Enjoy this great clip from American in the Outback studios that features Josh and Dave boldly exploring a long abandoned building. Dave received a call letting us know we could go through and pick whatever we wanted from the place, it was originally a recording studio and since has been home to many business’s before falling into ruin. The building was scheduled for demolition and so we got the call to salvage what we could.

Less than a year after this filming the building burnt to the ground and all was lost.