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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy- Early Impressions May 18, 2013


After doing multiple mock drafts I have made a few observations, while it is too early to tell which Rookies will arise and wether or not Gronk and Bobby Thee Sticks (RG3) will be healthy enough to make it into the top rounds, I have a few things to keep in mind as you begin to think about draft day.

1- QB is very deep

Consider that most leagues only start 1 QB, last year there was a huge run on the top guys early, Rodgers and Brees left most boards in the first round, some even took Brady. This was due mostly to the fact that there was a great unknown quantity of RB’s. This year should be very different, there are some really good RB options. I will be looking to stockpile the good Runners as they are drying up around the 4th round. I have been playing around the mocks and the teams I like the most are formed when I use my first three picks at RB.

2- Wide Reciever is deep but I want a top guy

I try to fill the flex spot with a RB so I want two wide receivers, and I prefer one stud. If you follow the above strategy and take 3 RB’s early there is still room for one top WR. I won’t end up with Megatron this year, but Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, AJ Green and even Demaryius Thomas are all viable options that could be there in round three, then I like to look for another WR before going QB, Round 5 is a great spot to get a Marques Colston, Roddy White ect…

3- I don’t mind a second round TE

A lot of this idea hinges on wether or not Gronk is Healthy, but I do not mind spending my second pic especially if I have a late 2nd round pick, meaning I have AP, Foster, or Lynch to anchor my RB’s. However there are only two TE’s worthy of this, and those are Gronk and Graham. If I do not get one of those guys I will be one of the last people in my league to go TE.

Thanks for reading and I will be sharing more of observations as we get closer to the season… GOOD LUCK!


2 Responses to “Fantasy Football Draft Strategy- Early Impressions”

  1. smugff Says:

    We strongly agree with 2, but disagree about 1. In a deep position, you want elite guys. In a thin position, you want the elite guys too, obviously, but if you miss out on them, don’t compound your mistake by reaching on RB in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th because RB is thin and waiting on a QB because it’s deep. Brees, Rodgers, Peyton, and Brady stand out among the rest.. As for 3, we don’t think you are wrong, and Jimmy Graham is the only one to consider in the 2nd right now, but this is a very precarious position (injury issues mostly), so it may be best to tread lightly and wait to nab your TE. Martellus Bennett and Brandon Myers are typically available after the 10th round.

    • You can get a guy in roung 8 or 9 this year in a ten team draft that will score 30 to 60 points less at the end of the year than manning or brees, I like the Luck/RG 3 combo, that averages out to 3 to 4 points per game. I would rather have a RB like forte vs say Ballard than have one of the top QB’s. After round 3 to 4 the RB is so thin I will be scooping up as many RB’s as possible before round 4.

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