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Rouge One and Episode VIII Talk! August 28, 2016

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Who is super stoked for Rouge One? We certainly are over here at Keyhole To The Multiverse and today Cameron joins Josh in their new Red Center studio broadcasting to you from the heart of Australia! The guys are amped up with all the fallout from Star Wars Celebration and the new Rouge One Trailer hitting all at once there is plenty to talk about.

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Ents, Nazgul, and Blonde Dudes, oh my! August 21, 2016

Keyhole to the Multiverse is back with a brand new episode! This week New Zealand’s own Cameron Child talks to Josh in their central Australian studio all about Tolkien. This go round they discuss some of the more prominent factions of Middle Earth, including the dreaded Nazgul, and everyones favourite the Ent’s! They also delve into some of the better horsemen and women of the realm as they break down the Rohirrim.

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Who likes Robocop?! (1987) August 12, 2016

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You have seen the movie, you witnessed first hand the horrific murder of Alex Murphy at the tyrannical hand of Clarence Boddicker, You saw for yourself the resurrection and redemption of Murphy through Robocop.


Now Keyhole to the Multiverse wants to show you a whole new side to the movie you love, join Josh for the latest show as he peers into the keyhole into the universe of Robocop, he discusses guns, hero’s and villains strengths and weaknesses and much much more. Visit our website keyholetothemultiverse.com.

and yes there is a whole lot of Clarence Boddicker Talk!!!!



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Keyhole to the Multiverse August 9, 2016

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new podcast up and running! The show is called Keyhole to the Multiverse and each week we peer through a keyhole into a universe you may have not even known existed. We explore all facets of fiction and look at how each universe was formed and the inhabitants of these worlds. We will be doing horror film breakdowns, comic book exploration and delving into any universe we feel is worthy of exploration.

We begin with quite a massive universe to explore Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings but on board in New Zealand’s own Cameron Child, born and raised on the south island, he joins us in studio for some in depth super nerd LOTR discussion! The first two podcasts are available on iTunes, Podbean or our website Keyhole to the Multiverse. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!


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Josh Plays Everything! Jaws NES Perfect play! February 8, 2016


jaws cart

I hope you all enjoyed my last video of Gunsmoke- The 1 credit play through, I had a blast making it, so much in fact that I decided to beat Jaws with a perfect play! Thats right, Perfect, like Curt Hennig, so perfect its worth 300 points! Anyway, give it a watch and keep checking back as I plan to do a run of these videos over the next year involving all my Aussie friends and all my favourite games! GO BRONCOS!



A full play through on one credit, NES Gunsmoke! February 7, 2016

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Here is my latest video of a near perfect play through of Gunsmoke for the NES. This game is classic and I have provided commentary complete with memories and strategy. Enjoy, more videos to come soon!


Bali 9 – Bottom line is they had to be killed…. April 28, 2015

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After ten years of appeals and many months of political posturing, the Indonesian government has finally executed Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. As an American living in Australia I do feel sympathy for these men and their families, more for the families… as the drug dealers got themselves into this. Yes I still call them drug dealers as that is what they are.

Many people see two men here that are worth saving, but what would have happened if that Heroine had made it to the Australian main land as they had planned? what if that Heroine had killed your sister, or your son? Would you wish death upon the person that gave them those drugs? I would.

You see, I have no sympathy for Chan and Sukumaran, they lost a bet, they took a deal with the devil and the wager was their life versus millions of dollars. Straight up they lost that bet, so I feel no more sadness for them personally than I do a degenerate gambler losing his hard earned money. Had they succeeded in their mission do you think they would have cared the damage the drugs would cause on society? They would have felt no more remorse than the gambler who walks away from the casino after tripling his money…

Now I do not think the punishment fits the crime, I think death is a bit much for drug smugglers, the Indonesian Government however thinks it is the proper punishment and “When in Rome”. They new the penalty and they still took the risk, so now they are paying the price that they knew was clearly marked on drug smuggling in that country.

The last reason I feel that their deaths were needed was this is the rule, the law and who the hell is the Australian government or any other foreign country to tell people what to do on their own soil? You go to Germany you live by their laws, same in Australia, and same in Indonesia. It’s like saying a man from Bali goes to Australia and gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute, but his argument is that in his country there is no penalty for such actions so he shouldn’t be in trouble… Sounds absurd but that is exactly what is happening.

RIP gentlemen and let this be a lesson, the Bali Governement doesn’t mess around, you have drugs there you will be killed and they are not going to bend or break.